When asked why she wrote her memoir Call Me Sasha, Geena’s response was: "I thought that someone will read Call Me Sasha and say to themselves: 'If she got through all that - then I can get through this!' At the very least, I knew I had a story that would entertain."

Geena received thousands of kind messages from readers who were positively impacted from the best-selling memoir Call Me Sasha. Geena knew from the outset, that releasing a "tell all" book into the public sphere revealing her not-great start in life, her poor life decisions and human flaws could possibly affect her future employment options, friendships and relationships, and, "The truth will set you free! 

Geena courageously, and with great determination, turned around her trainwreck of a life to: become drug and alcohol free (since 2005) develop a sucessful career in real estate, gain an advanced education and, most importantly, she is happy now!

Geena earned a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Media & Communications from Queensland University of Technology. When writing Call Me Sasha, she unearthed a love of writing and then completed a Master of Arts in Creative Writing at University of Technology, Sydney. 

Geena is fascinated by human behaviour and, "Why we do the things we do to ourselves and others?", so she's back at university studying a "Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science".